Pop Art Print & Design 2015
The Great Turtle Rescue: Buddies of the Sea
Meet Shelly the Sea Turtle and all of
her aquatic friends!
These movable and removable wall art
stickers are perfect for kids of all ages.
Kids love them because they are cute
and fun, and parents love them because
they can easily be applied and removed
from dry, painted surfaces, metals, and
most plastics without leaving a mark!

All stickers are provided in pegable plastic
bags, with a backing card, barcode, and
description. See all the Buddies of the Sea
stickers in our
Coming Fall 2016! The Great Turtle Rescue: Buddies of the Sea, written and illustrated by Matt Wittenberg, which
tells the whimsical tale of Shelly the Sea Turtle as she bands together with the buddies of the sea in an effort to save
her baby turtles from the dangers of the modern world. This book will be available both in hard copy and e-book