Pop Art Printing gives you the opportunity for your ideas to be realized in:
Prints - Stickers - Business Cards - Display Systems - Banners - Posters
If you need a small quantity to test
your market, we are able to do
competitive short runs. We can handle
large quantities as well. If you need
assistance with your
design, give us a
call at
(847) 675-9971 or send us an
email and we will give you a quote.
If you already have a design, we accept the following File Types:
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Adobe Illustrator EPS (.eps)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • Other acceptable Bitmaps (.bmp, .tif, .jpg) (bitmaps should
    have a minimum of 225 pixels per inch and a maximum of
    600 ppi)
Send via E-mail to or provide a CD or DVD. Files
can be provided in Mac or PC format. We are also able to scan images, so if
you prefer to work with a hard copy, we can make it work!
Supporting Files: Any embedded or placed images should be supplied

Fonts: Should be converted to outlines (paths) or the font can be included in
your files.

Trapping: No trapping required. Our digital registration is perfect every time.
Finishes Available:
Posters can be
Mounted on:
Crescent Board
Poster Options (purchase posters here)
Finishes Available
Matte Paper
Gloss Paper
7oz. Canvas
Fine Art Print Options (purchase fine art here)